Flower Pots are items you don’t spend too much time thinking about when you’re decorating your home. However,  flower pots can be a great way to add some unique decoratiopons to your home. Listed here are 10 Cool Flower Pot Designs we found on the internet that will leave your guests thinking. My personal favorite design is the Tetris Pot. It is a unique design that will fit great in any home. These flower pots are much more then a place to grow your plants, they are instant conversational pieces.

Tetris Pots via here

tetris flower pots

tetris flower pots1

tetris flower pots2

tetris flower pots3

Outdoor Table with flower pot design found at DigsDigs and Vondom


Eva Solo Flower Pot found here. This pot lets you see if you need to add water or not very easily.

eva solo flowerpot

eva solo flowerpot3


eva solo flowerpot4


Mon Pot found here. The plant pot is on a dial and depending on where the pot is on the dial it will let you know when to water.

mon pot

mon pot1

mon pot2

mon pot3

mon pot4

Mon Pot5

Mon POt6

mon pot7

mon pot8

i Love Lamp found here

i love lamp

i love lamp1

i love lamp2

Magnetic Flower Pots via here

magnetic flower pot1

magnetic flower pot

Polaroid Flower Vase via here

polaroid flower pot1

polaroid flower pot

Hydroponics plant pot Eva Lamp by Alex Ward via here







Dish Drainer via here

Why is this not in every household? Seems like a no brainer.

dish drainer flower pot

dish drainer flower pot1

dish drainer flower pot2

Ivy Light via here

Ivy Light

Ivy Light

Ivy Light