Oppenheim Architecture + Design have completed the remodel and extension of a farmhouse, constructed in 1743 in Muttenz, Switzerland, to incorporate an office and private residence. The design of this versatile re-utilization venture was conceived at first out of a configuration rivalry started by the City of Muttenz/Basel. The configuration was in view of the remodel of a notable farmhouse arranged inside of the memorable focus center of the city. The first farmhouse was built in 1743.

Today the changed over farmhouse serves as an office for a structural configuration organization, gives group meeting space, and serves as a convincing connection to another, adjoining private home. The new design meant to give a crisp translation to the current conventional elements of the noteworthy farmhouse building and its inside.

This is accomplished by making new openings for characteristic sunlight and by utilizing a fresh white complete as a part of the insides, which compare against the surface of the old wood and through the path in which the spaces open up, cover, and union together with each other. The maintainability contemplations included keeping up a vitality productive building through the utilization of current MINERGIE  development guidelines, sun powered rooftop boards, an economical decision of materials, for example, recovered wood utilized for the veneer, and the rebuilding of existing design components where conceivable.



The design was based on the renovation of an historic farmhouse


Converted farmhouse serves as an office for an architectural design company


Large Dining area


Living space


Bath area.