Dodge Challenger SRT8

Ever dreamt of being on the road with your favorite car where the people slow down to look at it, take pictures, or being in a parking lot surrounded by people who want to know more of it? If yes, then this dream is going to get fulfilled with the new 2008 Dodge Challenger.

What is it that separates the Dodge Challenger from other cars? For starters, it is the classic muscle car styling, with great pricing compared to other used car values. It is a genuine resurrection of a classic car from another era. It looks big and opposing but it looks terrific. The SRT8 packs in a 6.1 liter hemi V8 with 425 horsepower allowing drivers 0 to 60 times in less than 5 seconds. It is undoubtedly track-worthy with multilink short arm and long arm suspension up front.

The specifications for 2008 model are:
Drivetrain Rear wheel drive
Horsepower 250 hp @ 6400 rpm
Torque 250 lb @ 3800 rpm
Wheelbase 116.0
Fuel economy 18 mpg
Ht. x width x length 57 x 75.7 x 197.7

When you sit in a car like the Dodge Challenger SRT8, it is all about how the entire experience comes together. It is fun to drive even before you go anywhere.