GM continues to make news on the rich foundation that they have established for themselves. It is coming up with an ingenious V6 2-mode hybrid system of its Vue SUV called 2009 Saturn Vue Green Line. This 3.6-liter V6 is developed with the city users in mind where fuel economy is the key issue. This model expects to improve at least 50 per cent of fuel economy. This is achieved by methods like turning off the engine when it is idle and cutting off fuel to engine in deceleration. Other salient features include electric power steering, regenerative braking, etc. People are not just attracted to the economy, they want a fully functional SUV and this 2009 model has exactly all that they look for. The hybrid system blends sophisticated controls with electric generator, thus making it more impressive.

The 2009 model is very cost effective and in fact proves that you could go green without being broke.

Specifications of 2009 Saturn Vue Green Line:
• Drivetrain Front wheel drive
• Curb weight (lbs) 3230
• Horsepower 172 hp @ 6500 rpm
• Torque(lb-ft) 167 @ 4500 rpm
• Wheelbase (in.) 106.6
• Length (in.) 180.1
• Width (in.) 72.8
• Height (in.) 66.2