Toyota Matrix

2009 Toyota Matrix S AWD belongs to the second generation Matrix. Its updating includes blue tooth cell phone incorporation. It has all the space inside is in tune with its body design. The car is available in both XRS top trim model and the base model. The all-wheel-drive system is found only in XRS trim model. 2009 Matrix offers mechanical improvements. Matrix interior, from its high set driver seat with console mounted shifter to the upright dash lay-out, makes it feel different. The instrument cluster has a paper white LCD which display Odometer information and the current drive mode. The safety system of 2009 Toyota Matrix S AWD comes with 4 wheel disc with ABS and break force distribution.

The traction control is optional on the S AWD. Stability control is also an option. S AWD is equipped with 6 air bags including side curtain bags. The foldable seats give cargo volume at 61.5 cubic feet. The rear seat is also equally comfortable with ample leg space. Matrix comes with 5 doors which gives hazel free seating management. Even though Matrix comes in the category of excellent hatch back it is a respectable choice in its class.


Drivetrain Front wheel drive
Horsepower 132 hp @ 6000 rpm
Torque 128 hp @ 4400 rpm
Curb Weight 2865 pounds
Ht. x width x length 61 x 69.5 x 171.9
Wheelbase 102.4