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The Splash Chair by Michael Wendel


The Splash Chair by Michael Wendel was sculpted at 1/8th scale using Sculpture clay. Then the model was cut into 1/4-inch slices. The slices were scanned, blown up to full scale and used as a template for the full-scale model. The process has to be carefully thought out.

The templates were adhered to two-inch insulation foam that is cut out and assembled to the full-scale form. Then countless hours are spent sanding and the form is coated in four coats of Elmer’s glue to protect the foam from resin.

After the glue is dried, the form was sprayed with chopped fiberglass using a chopper gun. Once dried the fiberglass was sanded down and coated with Bondo. After sanding the Bondo into a smooth form, it was painted with a high epoxy glossy white paint.

The smooth milky finish solid form really does look like a splash of milk looking amazing in a number of swirls. For more information on the product please see here.

The Splash Chair by Michael Wendel

The Splash Chair by Michael Wendel