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Bone Chair is All Structure

Bone Chair

When it comes to things in the modern design world, the thing that we definitely get to see the most of would probably have to be different versions and models of chairs. This is OK with us though because we really enjoy being able to see all of the new chair models as they release and there is definitely a whole lot of really interesting ones to be had. Today we are going to be taking a look at the newest model that we have discovered, this is the new Bone Chair.

This chair gets its name from the fact that it is basically just a skeleton of a chair and features only the sections that are truly necessary for the chair to be able to stand up and support weight on it. We really like the way that the company, JDS Architects took the time out to show us the exact process of creating the chair by detailing which parts they had to cut out of the chair to produce the end result that we are looking at here.