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AGi Architects Cleans Up with Mop House


Inspiration for design can at times come from the most unconventional places. AGi Architects have recently completed Mop house in Al-Nuzha, Kuwait, inspired by paths this common cleaning utensil follows.

The diagonal path that a mop creates when sweeping across the floor, inspired the flow this house. The building is divided into two parts around a void housing a patio and swimming pool. This void acts as an axis around which life in the building revolves. The flow of the design opens up fluidly to show off views of the garden, swimming pool and the other unit. It also provides privacy for the residents in the places it is needed the most. The upper level overhangs the lower one, providing it with shade. With the pool in the middle of the two volumes, privacy is ensured as well as relief from the harsh Kuwaiti sun. While the two units are used as one now, in the future they could be converted into two separate residences to allow for more privacy in a multi-generational family home. While the mop may be one of the humbler of household tools, this building is far from plain. Generous and organically shaped spaces are found throughout the residence. A spectacular composition of pendant lights falls through the stairwell from the top floor all the way down to ground. The use of natural wood and stone finishes mixed with white paint is a classical palette which certainly won’t be going out of style any time soon.

Mop house is testament to the belief that inspiration can come from anywhere, even somethings as humble as a mop.