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Twisted Cabin by Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter Has Some Unusual Architectural Twists

05-Twisted-Cabin-Jarmund-Vigsnæs Arkitekter

Norway is well-known for its vast lands, endless horizons and abundance of natural beauties. It’s no wonder that all these characteristics inspire local architecture offices as well. Twisted Cabin, one of the latest projects of Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter has caught our attention and made us daydream a little. If you have a passion for remote areas, earthy colors and textures and like amazing architectural ideas, then you won’t be disappointed in the Twisted Cabin. This contemporary house was finished in 2011, totals 360 square meters and is located next to Kvitfjell that is probably one of the most modern ski and winter resorts in the world.

The wooden cabin was built mainly for big family holidays and sits happily on a high Norwegian mountain 1000 meter above the sea level. The location is very ideal for city getaways as the ocean and the ski lopes are quite near, too. Looking at these images, one can tell that there aren’t big contrasts between the house and its surrounding environment. Harmony with the nearby forests and mountains was perfectly achieved. The cottage features seven levels, each of them connected differently to the surrounding terrain. The various floors offer amazing views on the nature as well as on the creative interiors. The architectural office used larch on the exterior: the facades and roof are cladded in this wood type. As for the interior, oak wood is the dominant material, that creates friendly, cozy and warm atmosphere all around. How nice it could be to chill in the Twisted Cabin during a snowy winter day…