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Wrapped in Pine Wood at Café Kureon


Looking for a unique café experience? Maybe interested in unusual architectural solutions and ideas? Then we have the perfect place for you: the Café Kureon in Japan. This one-of-its-kind wooden pavilion – that operates as a restaurant also – was designed by Japanese star architect Kengo Kuma and has recently been erected in Toyoma city.

The investors and owners of the café wanted to bring some freshness to the industrial site where the place is located. The results are truly amazing and the visitors will surely come back for additional sensory experiences. Architect Kengo Kuma and his team already experimented with wooden stacked beams in the past such as the Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum or the GC Prostho Museum Research Center. This time they wanted to create a space that uses inexpensive and simple materials, at the same offers a sense of lightness, purity and simplicity. They followed a method that is based on masonry, plus added some unusual twists and ideas. Pine beams with a square cross section were used during the construction. This type of wood is the most affordable and easily available in the area. The whole 200 square meter structure is very solid as the beams are connected together with 30 mm steel bolts. Thanks to the method they followed the treatment-free timber pieces can be easily disassembled and moved, if really necessary. Guests of Café Kureon probably feel as though they are wrapped in wood…