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Svintus Loves to Put Its Snout in Electricity

Svintus 04

With the increasing number of electric appliances and gadgets in our homes sometimes we need to face a big challenge: how to power these devices, if we only have a limited number of plug sockets in the walls. Then the aesthetics factor might give another head-ache, as well: many cables in our flats can give a messy and chaotic look.

There are tons of stylish ideas and solutions around to fix this little problem but Svintus really stands out. This pink piggy concept and smart device was developed by Art. Lebedev Studio. The main product designer Alexei Sharshako added seventeen snout-plugs so one can forget about the socket issue for once and all. The protection from power overload was solved by a built-in circuit breaker. Thanks to Svintus there’s no need to hide the cables behind the furniture and under the bed anymore. The more cable you connect to it, the cuter and flashier it gets…