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Pas A Pas Geometry Falls Into Place


Educators can have a hard time keeping the attention of children in a world that is more and more cluttered with stimuli. Smart phones and tablet computers mean that children need more than building blocks to keep them interested. Ishac Bertran has developed an educational tool that teaches kids geometry while they have fun creating their own movies.

Bertran’s new tool is called Pas a Pas and teaches children the basics of stop motion, step-by-step (just as the name implies). Bertram’s design consists of a camera positioned over a screen and comes with brightly colored blocks. Cartridges specially designed for Pas a Pas contain all the programming needed to create stop motion animations and also tutorial-like lessons for children to follow. In “assistant” mode, students are guided step-by-step in geometry lessons where the blocks are used to create animations. Students learn how different shapes can be combined to create new ones. Once users have mastered the material, there is a wealth of opportunities to create their own animations in “director mode”. Finally, “collection” mode lets students see what others have created. Pas a Pas is controlled by simple buttons that reflect its user-friendly concept.

While the current programs developed for Pas a Pas are aimed at children 4-6 years old, its potential for lifelong learning is obvious. If only my school had had this clever little device, perhaps Maths wouldn’t have been such a chore.