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Sy1t Wardrobe Puts Your Wheels on Display

Sy1t Wardrobe (2)

Riding a bike in a city, jumping on a skateboard and beating the traffic while staying fit, is trendier than ever. Our favorite vehicles are just like mobile phones, keys or money – we just cannot exist or function without them.

If bicycles and skateboards play such an important role in our lives then why don’t we store them along with our essential items in one place? This valid question was raised by German designers Henning Thomas and Thomas Erven of Jung/Sylt. Sy1t Wardrobe is a brilliant and very stylish solution for bike owners who are always on the run but still would like to bring some order to their lives. This furniture piece is more diverse than you think: first of all, it can keep your everyday essentials such as bags, clothes, keys in one central place. Moreover, it can become the resting place and chic storage of your skateboard or bicycle. Thanks to the creative design of Jung/Sylt the bike rack is balancing itself and can be leaned against any wall so there’s no need to drill or damage your walls.

The Sy1t is handcrafted in Cologne and is made of solid alder wood or solid acacia wood. What a great home accessory for those who cannot live without wheels…