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Rima – The Light That Thinks Like We Do


Good design is intuitive and builds user interface on actions that we associate with certain results. That’s how the swipe motion on an iPhone works. By referencing turning pages, users can intuitively do what they need. Matthais Pinkert has designed a lamp with a switch that makes the toggle seem archaic.

Pinkert designed Rima for German lighting company Dreipuls. Rima is a desk light with LED’s fitted on a horizontal track. A series of four rings run along the track. Users slide these rings to light up the LED’s between them. The action is similar to that of opening a curtain, and has the same result. If you slide rings all the way across, all the LED’s shine; but if they are close together, only a sliver of light is emitted. It seems strange that no one has designed such an elegant way to adjust lighting yet. The track is about three feet long and sits on two sets of metal legs. The rings have been beautifully designed to sit snugly on the track while moving very fluidly, no Ikea jams here. All the parts come together to make a whole lot of sexy.

Rima works because Pinkert thought about people and connections we make between life and the products we use. Today Rima might be a simple desk lamp, but wouldn’t it be great if all our lighting were so intuitive? If you’d like to order or get more info on Rima, visit the Dreipuls website.