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Servus – A Chic Servant by Florian Saul

Servus by Florian Saul (2)

Furniture and product designers are greatly challenged by our ever-changing moods, shifting preferences and high standards in home decor. We just love furniture pieces that have colorful personalities, are diverse and can be easily moved around our flat. German designer Florian Saul doesn’t like fixed ideas and rigidity either. He had already came up with a series of amazing objects and furniture in the past but Servus is truly one of its kind. This unconventional wardrobe and hanger embodies both style and practicality. It can follow you in your home just like a good servant – Servus means servant in latin – without asking any questions. The bigger empty wall surface you have the better the overall visual experience is. There’s no need for drilling or damaging those freshly painted white walls: this furniture piece can be leaned against any wall. Thanks to the small elastic feet Servus stands firmly on the ground. This minimalist and humble accessory can be used as a coat rack and a storage. The upper curve welcomes any bigger clothes like coats, jackets or hats, whereas the beautifully shaped leather pocket on the bottom can store other smaller objects.

If one servant is not enough and you need additional storage space or maybe want to achieve a more conventional design then you can join two Servus together. This union of frames creates an attractive constellation as well. There’s no doubt about it that these chic servants will make your friends and visitors very jealous…