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Floating Bookshelves for Magicians and Illusionists

  • Das kleine ‘b’ (4)
  • Das kleine ‘b’ (3)
  • Das kleine ‘b’ (2)
  • Das kleine ‘b’ (1)

There are many ways for storing books and using them as home deco elements. Book shelving units come in endless forms and styles. Some designers make heavy and complex shelves while others prefer to keep everything simple. Minimalism is a powerful tool for producing impressive visual results.

Today we decided to walk the path of minimalism also and create an optical illusion with the help of Holon ID. The Hamburg-based industrial design studio dreamt up a brilliant shelving system. Das kleine ‘b’ or the little ‘b’ is made for design lover illusionists as it creates an impression of floating books. Once you have enough books to lift up in the air the solid wooden frame will do its job and hold the books together. At least this is the illusion that can be achieved with these shelves and their oakwood frames. What’s the magic behind and how is this possible? To keep the books up in the air and fixed firmly to the walls, designers David Saupe and Aaron Rauh built an extremely solid mechanism that is supported by two stainless steel insets. These metal plates remain invisible to the eyes when the shelves are filled up with our favorite books.

The little ‘b’ shelf is unique, sophisticated and comes in 12 different module sizes. Prices vary according to model, the smallest one costs €79 and the largest unit can be yours for €139 on Illusionists, magicians and mystery lovers will definitely go crazy about these home accessories…