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6 Tips to Select the Perfect Custom Window Blinds

Perfect Custom Window Blinds

Window blinds are a very popular window treatment in interior home decor and in including the finishing touches for a room. For many people, blinds from the retailer shelves will work out, but few others have varying reasons to order for custom window blinds. If you have non-standard window sizes or irregular shaped windows, then you’ll likely need to opt for custom blinds so as to ensure proper fitting.

Here are a few tips that can help you when choosing custom window blinds.

Have the Basic Knowledge

There are several kinds of customized blinds too from which you can select. It is recommended to visit a home improvement store or a website to get some knowledge about what is offered in the market. The main types of blind that allow you customization options are the fabric type, Roman type, outdoor type, metal type, wood store, and cellular type. Before opting for any of these, be aware of the pros and cons of each so that you can make the best choice.

Decide on Style and Design Aspects

While deciding the style and design aspects of the personalized window blind, make sure you take into account the architecture of your home. You can personally design different kinds of blinds to suit your home interior. For instance, you may take into consideration the look from the inside and outside of the house. To present a historic appearance, the Roman and Victorian window blinds would be a better choice than the metal ones. If you need an oriental style of room, you can opt for bamboo and wooden blinds.

To add to the décor, you can get some good painting work done on the blinds, which gives a more personalized feel.

Measure the Window Size

If you are buying customized blinds for a window of non-standard size, then it is essential that you measure its size before shopping. Use a folding ruler to measure the actual length and width of the window. These figures can help to determine the measurement of the required blind.

Consider the Privacy and Light Factor

The key function of customized blinds is to ensure privacy and control the light entering into the room. You may opt to use decorative rods like swags, curtains, and drapes.  Just ensure that the custom blinds you choose fulfill these needs.

Blinds for Kitchen and Bathroom

If you looking out for customized blinds for kitchen or bathroom, opt for vinyl mini blinds or vinyl roller shades as these can withstand humidity. You can find several colors to match your kitchen or bathroom décor. You just have to ensure that they are water resistant, keeping in mind the usage of water in these areas.

Consult an Interior Designer

These tips can help you to find a good customized window blind for your needs. If your budget permits, you can also seek advice from a professional home interior decorator since they can give you ideas that are in trend. All you need is a bit of creativity to find something really unique and personalized for treating your windows.