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King Baby Studio Jewelry: A Testament of Style and Bold Fashion

King Baby Studio Jewellery

King Baby Studio Jewellery

Mitchell Binder is a reputed designer and owner of King Baby Studio jewelry. He has been a jewelry designer right from his teenage, when he moved to Los Angeles. His Baby Studio jewelry store has been a big hit for over 5 years now. But, before we take a look at the goodness of his creations, here’s a brief overview of his personal life.

Mitchell Binder is one of the renowned jewelry designer artists and he shares his passion for art viajewelries. Compilation of Southern California style, Custom Culture, and Rock and Roll had never beenthat trendy and long lasting.

As he turned15, Mitchell became a jeweler apprentice and thereafter, he began designing hisown jewelry collection. He is aprettycaptivating person. He made right contacts very quickly and became a well-known “go-to jeweler” for striving rock stars in Hollywood.

The Switch to Women-Oriented Jewelry Designs

Mitchell usually designed most of the men’s jewelry as well as accessories, but then he noticed that more womenbought those jewelries. So, in the year 2007, King Baby Studio jewelrylaunched the Queen Baby line of jewelry for womenrightfully, and King Baby Studio has earnedmuch-deservedsuccess.

Queen Baby Studio’s jewelry takes the signature look of marked King Baby and adds a thoughtful dose of woman-like elements. With this, the line goes beyond the trend and it does ace. This kind of jewelry pieces becomes real classics and will stand the test of time.

What Can You Find in the King Baby Studio?

The King Baby Studio jewelrystore is located in Santa Monica and it displays jewelry pieces and handcrafted accessories that are combined with clunky sterling silver, precious stones, and leather. All the jewels are finely crafted and feature rebelliously-inspired enterprise that is again combined with astonishing craftsmanship.

As craftsmen use solid sterling silver, stainless steel, and other high quality materials materials, every single King Baby necklace, buckle, bracelet, and ring turns out be a fantastic and superb treasured staple inthe buyer’s jewelry collection.

Tips for Wearing King Baby Studio Jewelry Items

King Baby Studio jewelry items are currently considered as a style statement, and they are also the best delightful conversation starters. They illustrate that they rock and also give an inspiring look at the same time.

You can also pair them with simple, classic basic white tee shirt, and trusty denims, or even with leather jackets to get that raw look.

Queen Baby Jewelry from King Baby Studio

With the classic Americana styling, Queen Baby jewelry continues the custom, featuring precious stones, feminine motifs such as roses, crowned hearts, and stars andchunky sterling silver.

Right from the signature chunky belt buckles down to the King Baby necklaces, King Baby jewelry line has become a must-have jewelry staple for the elite individuals of Hollywood. However, even the common man can find plenty of gifting choices starting at just $150 to make this Valentine’s Day all the more special.