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New Construction Windows vs. Replacement Windows


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Property owners who are contemplating of buying new windows for their houses or commercial establishments would certainly want to become acquainted of the overall cost that will incur in the process. It should be remembered that there are a myriad of factors that influence the premium of the said commodities.

The long list includes the brand, the type of glass that will be used, the area where it will be installed, or whether or not the property requires the use of new construction windows or replacement ones. The former usually cost more because of the supplementary work that is involved.

While both new construction windows and replacement ones are worthwhile investments that come with great gains, it would be best to become acquainted to the cost that may accumulate to come up with a firm decision.

New Construction Windows

New construction windows are necessary for properties that have frames and glass that need to be replaced. It should be noted that the whole frame needs to be changed because of damages that cannot be repaired. Many of them are caused by weathering, water exposure, and other external factors.

Those who need additional structures that need to be replaced may need to shell out an additional 50 to 100 percent of the overall cost. Putting the said factors into consideration, those who will opt for new construction may need to spend around 500 USD to 1,500 USD.

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are ideal for houses or business establishments that have glass that have damages that can be repaired. In this case, property owners simply need to replace the glass and shell out around 300 USD to 600 USD.

Finding the right new construction window or window Replacement Company

When it comes to finding the right company that will perform new window construction or window replacement tasks, it would be best to hire companies that are as tried and tested as Citi Quiet ( Their personnel can give a rough estimate for the job and can make adjustments that will suit the budget of their clients.

In addition, they may advise the use of vinyl or aluminium window frames because they are less expensive, more durable, and require less maintenance. The said frames may be paired with plain glass because they are energy efficient and more cost effective than tempered glass.

By hiring reputable companies, property owners can get the most of their investment and more.