A high-quality bed frame as well as a comfortable mat are both necessary for that sweet and relaxing night’s sleep. However, finding and buying a new bed is not as easy as it seems and we have to consider a number of important factors. It’s good to keep in mind that this is an investment in your own health. The purchasing decision will have a huge impact on your health, energy level and mood. Today we decided to highlight three top mistakes that should be avoided when one is faced with the challenge of buying a new bed. So let’s get started and look at the three most common mistakes buyers make.

1. Do you want to buy the bed for yourself or want to impress your friends instead?
Would you like to show off with the unique design or you would rather opt for a custom and comfortable place to rest? Don’t get tempted and fooled: this is not the time for style competitions with your friends or neighbors; it’s all about feeling relaxed and comfortable at night. Above all, there are two things that we have to distinguish: the mattress and the frame. The first one will really be the soul of the bed and provide durability, resilience, flexibility and ability to absorb body weight. On the other hand, the second one will carry aesthetic purposes and will impact the overall atmosphere of the bedroom. There are plenty of styles and designs out there so select something you like. Modern comfortable metal beds for example fit well with all kinds of styles and furniture pieces. Bunk beds are popular options for both parents and kids. They are trendy as well as practical when it comes to space saving. Many companies like Argos sell bunk beds and offer many other attractive designs. Beware of some imported and cheaper beds, which do not always meet the standards.

2. I want the same bed as my best friend!
Again this is not the moment to copy your friends and follow the buying patterns of your loved ones. When buying a bed – more precisely picking the right mattress – you should search for a model that is really made for you in every way. Is it really OK for your height, body type, age and sleeping habits? Another crucial factor to consider is your health state: do you suffer from allergies, spinal problems or any other diseases that might impact your sleep? Pick a mattress according to these conditions.If you want to buy a queen bed with your partner then each of you should pick the best suitable mattress. Are you taller than the average? You should go for a non-standard size then. For a relaxing night’s sleep the bed should be 6-8 in (15-20 cm) longer than the highest partner.

3. Let’s get a hard mattress to fix my back pain
This is a common misconception and we should be extremely careful with serious back conditions. It’s proved that sleeping on hard surfaces won’t fix the issues or eliminate the pain. On the contrary, this might just aggravate the pain and sensitivity. Our spine is beautifully designed but is very sensitive to external factors. If our spine doesn’t get the appropriate support and care then we may lose the natural spinal curvature and can end up with spinal deformities. Forget about hard bed if you have bad back! Last but not least, never accept a second hand bed and never hand one down to anyone else.

All in all, shopping for a new bed is not easy. As always stay calm, be prepared, know what you want and don’t make hasty decisions. Resist that impulse to purchase the very first model without taking the time to carry out additional investigation.