The construction modeling and outline of the new terminal mirror the space-related status of the city where space dispatch vehicles are built.
Kurumoch International Airport is the biggest and most encouraging air terminal of Volga locale and is among the Top 10 driving air terminals of Russia designed by Nefa Architects. The air terminal is joined via aerial shuttles from all areas of the Russian Federation, neighboring nations and the far abroad.

The test was to make an agreeable and stylishly satisfying space for business-class travelers with a distinctive subject based idea: for up to 60 individuals utilizing residential aerial shuttles and up to 50 travelers utilizing global air administrations.
The inside of the new global terminal is completely centered around the space-related status of Samara with the biggest rocket creating plant staying following the Soviet period. It appears like a compositional volume with business parlors “taking off” under the vault rooftop in an open space of the airplane terminal and speaking to a colossal media screen outside. At the point when inside, travelers can see the opposite of this development with wires and lighting globules in as though they are ready a shuttle. The Interiors reproduce the feel of the period of space investigation that occurred in the 1960s. There is everything here to feel just as you are a saint of the motion pictures about aviation: a compact smoking lodge with a perspective on the runway and the tubes with dinners. The soundtracks to popular films, for example, “Solaris” and “Star Wars” are played here. Also, if one draws nearer to the façade coating, you can hear the sound of boarding airplane and this fair improves the inclination of space reality.


The architecture and design of the new terminal reflect the space-related


Design plan


Interior view of the airport


esthetically pleasing space for business-class passengers


you can really imagine yourself in a space cockpit of the future.