If you are looking for ways to decorate for the holidays without sacrificing the modern look and feel of your home, check out these tips. Many people prefer the simple and contemporary style that has become so popular in the recent past, and adding holiday decorations shouldn’t take away from that feel.

Non-Traditional Trees

A full and fragrant Christmas tree is a must for some, but doesn’t exactly scream “modern.” Instead of shopping for an evergreen this year, consider a natural and modern option that still allows you to showcase your ornaments. You could drill holes in bare tree branches and stack them on a dowel to create a tree shape, then hang lights ornaments on that. The size and shape are completely up to you, so you can fit it in any space you have available. If your home is smaller, you can tape the outline of a tree on the wall and keep it simple.

Sleek, Chic Color Scheme

Christmas decor

Image via Flickr by eperales

The traditional reds and greens associated with a traditional holiday just might not go with your theme, but who says you must use decorations in those colors? Keep with the feel of your space by using options in silver, gold, blue, beige, brown, or even black. It may take a little more searching to find ornaments, wreaths, garlands, and other décor items in these colors, but you can decide how you want to decorate and then start shopping.

Add Light

Candles and holiday lights are great items that won’t detract from a modern design style. Candlelight is one of the most flattering lights, so it provides a warm and inviting glow throughout the room. You can also shop for simple, elegant holiday lights to hang on your mantle or in other rooms of the home to brighten them up without adding clutter. At Christmas Lights Etc., you can find a variety of options that will complement your home and bring the festive cheer.

Mix and Match Prints and Textures

When you are planning your decorations for the holiday season, consider matching prints and textures for a unique look. Add wrapped gifts under your tree for a splash of color that isn’t too overwhelming, or use plush rugs and warm blankets to create different textures in the room. A fluffy rug is great for adding depth to a space.

Exotic Concepts

If you want to stick with a modern design for your decorations, consider adding exotic touches. One famous interior designer placed oranges and lemons within a lush garland on a mantle for a unique look that still makes the home more like Christmas. You can also use winter greenery and pine cones to bring a more natural feel into your home.

With so many options for decorating your home this holiday season, you don’t have to sacrifice the modern and minimal style that you love. You can also add your own personal touches to make it feel more like home and prepare your family to celebrate the season and make memories together.