It’s depressing walking into our house to find it’s still disheveled and messy. You were hoping somebody would take the initiative to straighten things up, but no one has stepped up to the plate. Why are you always the one who has to put everyone’s shoes away, update the calendar and make the grocery list? Can’t someone else do it once in a while? Is that too much to ask?!

Not everyone thinks about it. If they don’t notice the house is untidy, they’re not going to think about cleaning it up. It’s not their fault; we don’t all share the same priorities. It still doesn’t make it any less frustrating though, does it?

Getting with It: Organizing Your Space

What if I told you there was a way to organize your home and get everyone involved? The dishes, the laundry, the trash—it wouldn’t all be left to you anymore. Everyone would do their part. Sounds a little too good to be true, right? Well you’re wrong. It can happen, I’ll prove it.

The Cabinetry

How often do you reach into the kitchen cabinet for your coffee or tea and knock over a can of tuna, spilling some grounds as you go? Can you count the number of coffee drips on the floor as a result of taking your cup from one side of the kitchen to the other for cream and sugar? To avoid making these daily messes, HouseBeautiful recommends that we designate our cabinets for specific things. Such as with our coffee and tea, we can make one cabinet (or shelf) the beverage area. In this cabinet will be our tea cups and coffee mugs, our coffee grinder, French press, tea kettle and sugar. By making it a one-stop shop you’ll be freeing yourself of clutter and spills.

Organizing Your Drawers

How many drawers do you have in your house that you have termed, “the junk drawer?” You throw everything in there from store receipts to bills (you should really think about going paperless) to the odd battery and light bulb. You can organize these drawers in just a few minutes using something you already have: shoe boxes. All you need to do is mark what the box is for and make it a rule that the shoe box can only store that. If someone does put something in the box they shouldn’t have, dump the contents on their bed and tell them to get with it. Believe me, they’ll learn from the experience.

Under the Sink Storage

If you’re at all like me, you probably have your toiletries and feminine products thrown under the bathroom sink where no one can see it and know that you are a human woman. Only you know it’s there, waiting to be organized. It can keep you up at night, knowing that if you open that cabinet, everything could come falling out. Here’s the thing: all you’ll need to organize it is some modular bins. For myself, I like the Componibili Round Storage Modules by Kartell. Kartell’s round and sleek storage modules don’t need to be hidden from view and can be used in any room of the house. They have a nice flat tray on top that you can use to display your nail polish or fragrances and you can stack or set the bins apart, it’s your call. All I know is my bathroom looks pristine, even in its dark shadowy places.

Say “No More” to Clutter

We all have that favorite spot where we put our keys, sunglasses, mail, change and other odds and ends. Pretty soon it piles up into a heap of junk. To stop this from happening, Good Housekeeping recommends that we place some sort of decorating object in the spot we misuse, be it a plant or coffee table book. We won’t want to ruin the look or damage our décor with the stuff from our pockets, so we’ll take better care in putting things away.

The Corner Shelf

If you live in an apartment, you’re probably short on storage space. I don’t know what it is with apartment design, but they never have enough shelves. To increase your storage room without taking up too much wall space, try a corner shelving unit. It can be one shelf or four, it’s really up to you. Have knick-knacks you want to show off or some fine literature you’re proud of? A corner shelf will display your things nicely and keep everything up off the ground and away from young children with grabby hands.

By following these tips, your home is going to be looking (and feeling) good in no time.