Bathroom design

The bathroom is a weird and wonderful place. Regardless of how little time you spend in there, it has to be perfect when it comes to the design. The problem is how do you create a breath-taking design? Obviously, every bathroom is different but does one size fit all? No, it doesn’t, but if you follow these tips, you are well on the way to the bathroom you have always dreamed of. Or, at least a bathroom that you are content with!

Plan an Efficient Layout

If your bathroom is not functional, it is far from perfect. Even if you don’t have acres of space, there are always ways of making your bathroom look bigger than it is. Work with what you have and make sure it complements your bathroom’s features. Also, think about the inner workings of the room. Every bathroom has to deal with drainage, water lines and venting systems, and they can affect the design of your bathroom. A simple and easy way to create a stunning bathroom that incorporates everything is to have a wet room.

Consider the Sink

The sink, along with the toilet, is the main feature. It stands out like a sore thumb when you enter the room and that makes it vitally important to the design. Also, they tend to be large so they can take up a lot of space. If your bathroom is small, consider a corner sink to maximise the area, or if you are looking for a unique design find a unique sink that dominates the room.

Think about the Lighting

Lighting is remarkably important in the interior design industry. It is one of those facets that can transform a room just with a few small changes. Lighting can make a room look brighter and bigger or darker and cosier depending on the style you want. For that reason, add the lighting after you have decided on the colour scheme. Also, think about adding a couple of mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and are essential for any bathroom because you couldn’t get ready otherwise!

Express your Style

Don’t try and recreate a bathroom you have seen elsewhere because it will end up looking like something out of a magazine. Your bathroom wants personality and character, preferably your personality and character. If you are a bold and loud person, your bathroom should reflect that and vice versa.

Look for Inspiration

If you are not an interior designer, you can’t be expected to create a breath-taking bathroom all on your lonesome. You are going to need some help and you have plenty at your fingertips with the internet. A simple search in Google will bring up all kinds of suggestions like Bella Bathrooms that are well worth a visit. Obviously, it is important to keep expressing your style in mind because you don’t want to rehash someone else’s design.

With the right amount of inspiration, you can easily create a breath-taking bathroom that any homeowner would be proud of. All you need is a little bit of time, effort and cash to make it happen.