If you’re getting ready to decorate your first home, you may find the process a little overwhelming. Perhaps you have too many ideas or none at all. Maybe you need help visualizing how your designs will fit into your room, or you aren’t sure if your color coordination skills are up to snuff. Put a little decorating power in your pocket by adding some top-notch apps to your phone. These apps can help you with every phase of decorating, from building a color scheme to picking out curtains and couches. These excellent tools are affordably priced between $2.99 and $6.99.


Home styler app

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Homestyler is an interior design version of those makeover apps that let you preview hairstyles and lipsticks on a selfie. Upload a photo of the room you’re working on, and Homestyler will render different paint colors, furniture arrangements, light fixtures, rugs, mirrors, and more. Unlike real life, the app lets you rearrange all the elements in your room on a whim or start over if you don’t like how things are turning out. Don’t forget to take screenshots of your finished designs, in order to preserve your hard work.

Color 911

Color 911 app

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There are lots of apps that suggest color combinations, but Color 911 takes color matching a step further. Feed the app a snapshot of your comforter pattern, rug color, or even your entire room, and Color 911 will suggest complementary color palettes for you. Of course, this technology is useless if you’re using an older phone with a poor camera and a screen that doesn’t render color accurately. If you’re using a full-featured smart phone like T-Mobile’s iPhone 6, however, the app will work beautifully.

Like That Decor

Like That Decor App

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See something you like? Whether it’s in a room or a magazine, you can snap a photo, and this app will suggest similar items that you can buy. The app includes offerings from a number of major furniture retailers, like One King’s Lane and Pottery Barn. It also links to online sources like Etsy, where you can find handcrafted or vintage items. Try using the app when you’re shopping in person to make sure you’re getting the best price.

Photo Measures

Photo Measures App

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This is a simple but brilliant app for anyone whose brain is wired for visual input. Instead of carrying around a list of measurements, you can mark them directly on a photo of your room. Will this sideboard fit under the window sill? Will this picture be too wide in the space between the closet doors? Photo Measures makes it easy to shop in person or online by answering all your questions at a glance. As your room progresses, take follow-up photos to note the spaces around your existing decor.

Mark On Call

Make On Call App

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Mark on Call is a favorite in the industry for its robust and versatile floor plan capabilities. The app lets you build detailed floor plans from your real-world measurements. Then you can preview whatever items you like, including furniture, fixtures, or structural changes like tearing out walls. You can even take photos of fabrics and finishes and add them as skins on the furnishings, walls, or flooring.

Try On Wall

Try on Wall App

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Try On Wall isn’t very customizable, but this is a free app that does just one handy thing. It gives you ideas for creating gallery walls. The app offers prefabricated layouts of artwork in standard sizes with limited capabilities for altering the art pieces. If you’re hoping to upload your own artwork and play with arrangements, you’ll be disappointed. But if you’re looking for ideas and you’re able to fill in some gaps with your imagination, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of this free app.

When you’re decorating your first home, you’re bound to have lots of questions and a need for reassurance at some point. Magazines, websites, and books offer lots of inspiration, but you can’t easily personalize them to meet your unique needs. Instead, your phone can be a tremendous resource. Dig around in your app store to find the interior design inspiration you need as you move forward with your home.