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Whatever your reasons are, sometimes it is time for a change. You spend a lot of your life in your bedroom, and as such every now and again it deserves to be refreshed. Whether you have decided to renovate the entire room or if you just want to spruce it up a little, here are some excellent home improvement tips for your bedroom.

Wall Prints and Wallpaper

These are both excellent ideas either kids or parents. Wallpaper is perfect if you want to cover an entire room in a specific design. However, it does have its drawbacks as it can take a lot of time and depending on the print it can end up quite expensive. This is especially true if you pick a design your children may grow out of. Fortunately, wall prints exist. These are like giant posters, but they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs. They are great because there is so much choice that there will be things that both kids and adults will love. They are also really easy and quick to apply to a wall and end up being far cheaper than wallpaper. This makes them easy to replace should your child outgrow the specific design, and they make a room feel excellent, too.

New Bed or Mattress

Let’s say that you have had your bed or mattress for a long time, it could be time to get a new one. You are going to spend a substantial amount of time on both, so getting one that suits your needs and you find comfortable is going to make your nights much nicer. For example, if you have a lumpy mattress and a creaky bed you are going to notice a massive difference if you get a new one. A new bed can go a long way to refreshing a bedroom as it often the focal point of the room. If you are lacking in storage, then you could get a bed with special storage underneath, or that lifts up. Do a little research and find the perfect bed for you.

Change of Color

If you have had a bedroom in one color for a long time, it is understandable that you might grow bored. You will want to stick with colors that are warm and cozy, but feel free to experiment with whatever color you prefer. You could go the whole hog and repaint all of the walls and furniture. However, it might be easier to change some of the furnishings, get some new curtains and a new bedding set. If you get all of these in the same color but different shades, then it will have a great effect on the room, and you will find the room much more interesting again.


Lighting in your bedroom means more than just the fitted bulb in the ceiling. A light shade can change how the room feels. If you have a light shade that maximises the amount light in the room without having too much glare that is perfect. However, you will also want to get one that matches the design of the room in both color and any other details to the light shade. You might also consider fitting your bedroom with a dimmer as this can help you to set mood lighting and make the room feel really cozy. Additions like adding modern lighting options like this also down great if you are redecorating to have your house for sale. Adding extra freestanding lights can also be great additions to the bedroom.

Lamps and Bedside Tables

Speaking of extra lighting, you might consider getting new and matching bedside lamps and tables. Having each side of the bed match goes a long way to helping the room feel complete. You don’t want your bedroom to feel lopsided or ill-fitting and having matching lamps and tables will help with this. Once again though, you will want to shop around for the perfect pairs as they will need to match your current room in both color and design. For example, don’t get dark wooden bedside tables if all of your other furniture is a lighter wood. If you do then, they will look out of place and ruin the feel of the room. Instead, try to match your wood types.

New Wardrobes

If you keep your clothes in the bedroom, then purchasing a new wardrobe could be an excellent choice. As one of the main pieces of furniture in the room, a wardrobe is one of the first things you’ll see when you enter. This means that you want to get the design and feel right. You will also want one that is practical, too. Make sure to shop around for the right one for you as some wardrobes won’t come with drawers and others come with limited hanging space. You may also want to consider having some renovation some fitted wardrobes installed. These will look great and will become a seamless part of your room. Additionally, if you are looking to sell your home then fitted wardrobes will add the house’s value.

Teddy Bear

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Over the years clothes and other items tend to build up in the bedroom. This could be a good time to declutter and finally get rid of those clothes you don’t wear. Whether you decide to sell unwanted items on eBay or donate them to charity, having a declutter is good for the room and the mind. It frees up space to help give the room more light and freedom, and it also means you now have space for new purchases. Decluttering could also mean furniture and if you have items you don’t use or that are full of things that don’t need to be in the bedroom, consider moving them to another room or going through them to get rid of unwanted items. Decluttering is good for your mental health and will help your room feel more welcoming, and you will get more enjoyment from it, too.