Two graduates of Czech Technical Institute, Boris Red?enkov and Prokop Tomášek, joined forces in 1994 to create the Atelier 69 studio in their native country. Since then, the firm has grown in number and stature as leading architects in the Czech Republic.

Their most unique structure to date has been the Eggo House, a unique private residence in Prague. The limited space in the surrounding property made it necessary to design a minimalistic one-level domain that would not infringe on an existing garden with full-grown trees. A spherical concrete roof with large glass panels throughout adds the finishing touch, along with a landscaped terrace that connects the house to its neighboring property. See their website here.

egg0 house by a69 architects

egg0 house by a69 architects2

egg0 house by a69 architects3

egg0 house by a69 architects4

egg0 house by a69 architects5

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