Getting the right use out of the spaces we live in is important to enjoying them to the full. When it comes to retrofitting old houses, it takes a good designer to look past the constructs of the past and take best advantage of spaces for the future. Our favorite Greek designer, Minas Kosmidis, has reconfigured a post-war house in Athens that gets the best out of the space.

Kosmidis radically rethought the layout of this house in Athens to create “Acropolis View House.” The two-storey house used to have the sensible layout of living areas on the ground floor, with sleeping on the floor above. But it wasn’t taking full advantage of the breathtaking views of the Acropolis. Kosmidis moved the bedroom downstairs to make full use of the upstairs as a living area. Beautiful walnut covered panels act as dividers on the ground floor, allowing light from the two only windows to brighten the space as needed. Living has been moved upstairs where the space flows freely from inside to the veranda outside. This level is accessed through a floating staircase made of hefty walnut blocks. The finishes in this house are understated but extremely luxurious. Kosmidis is an expert in mixing soulful colors and textures together. Beige stone and wall finishes are accented with black to make a space that is comfortable and beautiful, but doesn’t distract one from life or the surroundings.

The success in this design is how Kosmidis focused on the biggest plus of this site, maximizing it for ultimate enjoyment. This is truly a house with an amazing view.