Painted furniture is a growing trend in design that adds some amazing colors and customization to your décor. You can painted furniture in just about any color and then add in accents to match that color. You can also paint your own furniture in solid colors or even make your own design.

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The reason this idea is different and new is because furniture is usually neutral in color, but the new concept of painted furniture allows you to add beautiful color pieces and then design around the, adding accents. When you decide on brightly painted furniture, the best way to integrate that into the room is to sparsely use the bright colors as to not overwhelm the room with color. For example, if you choose painted bedroom furniture, such as a painted bed, you can tie in the colors by adding accent pieces that match the colors such as drapes or window treatments and pictures and keep the bedding white or neutral to help the color stand out.

If you buy painted furniture and want to match it or compliment it by painting other pieces, here are step by step instructions that will help you achieve the result of professionally painted furniture.

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How to Paint Your Furniture:
  • 1. Clean the furniture thoroughly with furniture cleaner like Murphy’s Oil and also remove any unevenness. This will prevent cracking or chipping of paint in the future. If any furniture pieces have separate pieces (like drawers for example), take them out and paint them each separately.
  • 2. Remove old paint or gloss with a paint remover. Use medium-grit sandpaper to buff out any imperfections. This will insure that the new paint has a good, clean, and smooth surface to adhere to.
  • 3. Use a primer to prime the furniture for painting. This helps hide any imperfections or discolorations and makes a great, smooth surface. Check into the type of paint you plan on using, many new paints are ‘paint and primer in one’ and this might help you remove this step.
  • 4. Once the primer dries, sand it again, this time with fine-grit sandpaper. This extra step is usually not done, but is one of the hidden tricks that result in that professional look and it also really helps the paint adhere to the furniture so that you will not have to worry about cracking, chipping or fading in the future.
  • 5. Finally it is time to paint the furniture; let the paint dry thoroughly in between each coat, sanding with the fine-grit sandpaper before each new coat of paint.
  • 6. The last step, once the paint has had a chance to dry, is to seal the paint with a sealer. It is very important to wait until the paint has fully dried for a full 24 to 48 hours before sealing.

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