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Tevami provides unique inspirational creative designs daily to its loyal and growing readership of over 400,000 unique annual readers.We are a long standing and proud PR4 domain with on target projections to be PR5 by the end of 2013.

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United States: 44.7%
United Kingdom: 16.19%
Canada: 7.79%
Australia: 4.93%
France: 2.97%
Germany: 2.14%
Italy: 1.90%
India: 1.66%
Other: 17.72%


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Instagram: 5,500+
Facebook: 4,900+
Twitter: 1,000+


Uniques per month: 35,132 avg.
Page views per month: 133,502 avg.
Avg. Page Views/Visit: 3.8
Avg. Seconds on site: 267
Bounce rate: 33.2%

Traffic Sources

Direct: 43.1%
Google: 44.1%
Yahoo: 1.1%
Bing: 0.7%
Facebook: 0.7%
Instagram: 1.8%
Other websites: 8.5%