It’s a fact that we live in the era of high tech smartphones. Companies offer seemingly endless choices of these gadgets. And yet there’s not so many companies around who incorporate eco-conscious materials into their product designs.

AD Creative is a young, rebellious design company that decided to go away from the mainstream path and create something really unconventional. With the lead of 24-year old designer, Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, the project team has came up with the world’s first ever bamboo smartphone. Cheap plastic pieces, heavy metal components are replaced by natural, organically grown materials, mostly bamboo. Named ADzero, the handset is more than just eco-chic: it features Android 4.0 thus the user interface and experience is slick and seamless. There’s another great plus of this phone: thanks to bamboo’s durability the phone won’t break if you drop it. According to the design team the handset is around half the weight of an Apple iPhone and comes with larger screen as well. As for the cost of ADzero, we don’t have any precise information at this moment. With its price, specs and quality it will be positioned on the higher end of the smartphone market.

Environmentally conscious fashionistas need a little more patience. Currently ADzero is still in development phase and will most probably be released at the end of 2012. In the beginning, it will only be available at exclusive boutiques around the UK. We cannot wait to feel this amazing bamboo gadget in our hands.