Potted plants are always a hassle inside as they leave dirt all over the place. With the mess they make, you can’t always keep them as close as you’d like to watch over them and make sure they reach their full potential. Up until recently there haven’t been many solutions to this problem but AeroGro International, Inc. just released their AeroGarden which makes the entire process that much easier.

The AeroGarden is essentially an automated miniature greenhouse the takes care of your plants through a dirtless growing process known as Aeroponics. As long as you manage to keep up with adding water and nutrients, your plants will grow nearly twice as fast as regular others. It’s surprising to think that this nearly automatic system can provide better looking and tasting vegetables with next to no effort on your part. If the facts don’t impress your guests when they ask what it is exactly, it’s spaceship like appearance definitely will.

If you wonder about the price of this cool kitchen gadget, it ranges from $99.95 to $199.95. There are lot of options and colors so you can find your favorite one easily.