It is a very good thing for us that we just love to see modern chairs so much because there are so many of them releasing all the time that we never are left without couple to look at. This is definitely the area of modern design where the most focus is put because it is probably the most important thing you have in your house to make your guests comfortable as they wouldn’t be comfortable if didn’t have a place to sit. Today we’re going to be looking at a very unique chair this is called Aeroply.

This chair was designed by Karolina Ferenc, a young designer that hails from Poland and it is been created in a chaise lounge style. Karolina says that she created this chair and used the shape of it to fit and adjust to a woman’s curves. While we can see this chair being very comfortable for women all over the world we can imagine that men would enjoy sitting as well as it looks very inviting. What do you think, would this fit into your home?