facade front view

This three-story family home in the western city of Kermanshah, Iran presents a bold geometric design in an unexpected place. The home makes use of the contrast between smooth white stucco and warm wood paneling to accentuate its modern, angular design. This 312 square meter home was created by the Iranian Architecture firm ReNa design.

The house’s current owners are a couple with two children, and the home was designed in such a way that it can be divided in half if their children decide to live there in the future. The home is divided visually by a walkway down the center, and can be easily split into two smaller townhouses.

The building’s facade is daring, but the interior is simple and practical. The long walkway toward the front door sets the entrance of the house back away from the busy street, and adds to the sculptural appearance of the building. The facade of the building also angles inward toward the bottom, to give more space to pedestrians as they pass by the home. The contrasting wood and white is further accented by greenery on every level, and patterned details in the concrete.

Wood is the dominant material throughout the home, used on the floor, stairs and ceiling in addition to the facade. The theme of white against wood continues on the interior, in addition to rustic red brick.

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