Interior Look

When it is about hospitality,a new house for visitors is design,Vienna when inviting a lot of visitors,require a place to dwell in.All standard operations,an inspiring history and an unconventional concept mixing up in one place,It is a type of novel social business

Hotel Magdas is located in Vienna  Prater District providing 78 rooms to the tourists.The rooms are elegant and comfortable.All travelers and tourists can spend best of their time at Hotel Magdas. Overnight trippers can also find this place perfect for the stay.

This area provide the visitors Prater park view,landscape is too inviting,All this make up our project special.This space is open for the refugees  who are young and have no choice to dwell in.A group of 25 refugees from Austria have been swelling here since 2014!

For most of the refugees this is a temporary place while for other this hotel is a perfect workplace.


A Neat Sleeping Place


All Accessories Available


A Couch That Is Too Cozy


Fresh Air Source


Bed Room


Gallery View



Yeah! All-In Study Place!