Furniture pieces, deco items, accessories and the way you decorate your home tell a lot about your personality and inner world. Floors in our homes are no exceptions in this sense; they are truly the extensions of our personalities. Therefore it’s essential to find your dream wooden floor. Wood is natural, a true gift of nature and is obviously perfect for flooring. It’s attractive, extremely long lasting and easy to clean. Today we take a look at a number of important factors to consider when thinking of replacing your current flooring.

As always begin with your budget. You need to know how much you are willing to invest in new floor. Don’t be that tight on this and remember that you are about to make an investment that will boost the value of your home and its selling price. Your grandchildren can enjoy the very same wooden floors you walk on today. Take your time, carry out some research on wholesale hardwood flooring on the net to get the best prices. When visiting shops and showrooms make sure that you have the price lists with you that you received from various companies. This will be a huge help you to achieve a better deal and ultimately save some money. If you need some great tips, personal advices read more on wholesale hardwood flooring there are a number of trusted suppliers and companies you may contact directly.

Besides budget, think about your current style in interior design and home decoration. Do you like modern design or are you a more classical type? A floor is part of the home and can greatly enhance and influence the overall atmosphere. Those who like contemporary interiors can think about unique colours and materials. On the other side, natural wooden colours are recommended for those who are a bit old-fashioned and traditional. Stop for a moment and evaluate the colours of your home: which are the dominant furniture and wall colours? Warmer and lighter floors go well with colder and darker colours such as white or blue. Modern home design and furniture pieces on the other hand are excellent with dark floors.

Having a clear image about the surface and the size of the rooms that require new floors are important, as well. There are some tricks and solutions that work well with various room sizes. For the large rooms in your home you can select longer and wider wooden planks. Would you like to make an area look bigger and open up the space a little? Hardwood floors in light colours are great for such purposes. Also, keep in mind the regular traffic and usage of the floor. Rooms that are more commonly used might need a lacquered surface. Adding an anti-scratch coat on the top is a good idea as well. Never forget that wood is rather sensitive to water, moist and humidity so you might want to avoid wooden floors in moisture-prone areas.

Pet owners – especially the ones with active dogs – are greatly challenged when it comes to buying and selecting the right hard wood flooring. In general, dog claws can cause more headaches to owners and cats are less of a trouble. If your animal friends are rather active there are some types of soft hardwood flooring, which you should avoid such as American Walnut, American Cherry, Bamboo and Pine.
There are some woods with stronger graining that are excellent for minimizing damages and hiding those unwanted scratches. Red oak is a very good example and could be a good choice. When considering the finish, the glossier flooring tends to show more the damages and scratches in daylight.

Another important to think about is the installer of the flooring. Who is going to install this floor? If you have the skills and time, you can easily save a huge sum by installing the hardwood floor yourself. If you opt for a pre-finished hardwood, the installation is rather simple: it’s all about cutting the planks and nailing them down. An average person can do a 400 square foot living space (36 square meters) in pre-finished hardwood in only two days with the assistance of a friend.

There is no doubt about it that hardwood flooring is a timeless beauty that will enhance your living space. The aesthetic qualities and other benefits such floors offer are clear and hard to beat by any other floor types. There are a variety of models and brands out there so you can find your dream style easily. The greatest advantage perhaps you gain with hardwood flooring is the floor’s ability to be reborn with regular sanding or refinishing. And with an average lifespan of 100-150 years you can make a smart investment as these floors really stand the test of time…