Beautiful Landscape

A simple study place is constructed for more number of fellows to study there.It was a disused bathhouse that provided the actual space.An existing sculpture by  Georg Kolbe, „Verkündigung“ (1937),leads to making of this new pavillion.

A light weight and steel work make it a perfect to insert into the material owing to the actual 20th century pavillion works and samples.The roof of pavillion is a ruled geometery.a double curved surface is made with seven reading spaces and a small kitchen ,steel is use in forming the roof.this curved structure looks to be floating in that area. Four paraboloids results due to offset of lines.This turned out to be abstract and familiar all together.it is a representation of an historical villa.

An enchanted look is there as it seems to float on the lush green grounds with a dominating white color Carrel walls are present with a top LED light that further bright up the scenerio,again a floating structure itself!!!


Natural Environment


Mesmerizing View


A Close-Up View


Glass Work


Interior View


A Series Of Glass Doors


Sitting Area



Separation Between Rooms