Taking a bath in the bathtub can definitely be a relaxing way to get yourself cleaned about not everyone is perfectly comfortable in your average bathtub. This is because especially the older style bathtubs are not quite big enough and are not shaped in the right way for us to really get down into and get comfortable inside of. That is why we are always on the lookout for new interesting bathtubs will make the experience more enjoyable. We’re going to show you our latest finding today with this is the new Armchair Bathtub.

This bathtub which was designed by Thomas Linssen of Studio Thol and is a very different approach to the bathtub design by creating it in a sort of armchair set up. He is also done away with the old-fashioned style that is often seen in bathtubs and has applied some wood around the bathtub to make it look a bit more modern. If you often have long and stressful days and are looking for something to come home to relax in this could be the perfect thing for you.