The bohemian lifestyle of artists fire up the imagination of many us. Their lives are filled with of colors and passion. At the same time, they also have certain privileges and rights that non-artsy people don’t possess. Access to inspiring artists’ workshops and galleries is a great example. Today we wanted to please everyone and we grant you a visual access to a stunning art gallery and home located in the middle of Singapore’s red light district. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

Gallery House was designed by a team of architects from Lekker Design, namely Ong Ker-Shing, Joshua Comaroff, Sio Lim, Peter Then, Germain Goh and Joshua Feldman. Constructing this small building with double functions and doing this on a tiny plot was a rather big challenge for the project team. The home and art gallery was finished this year and successfully balances its two-sided life with the even distribution of volumes. A triple-height gallery along with a contemporary kitchen is located on the ground floor. Moving on to the next levels, one can enter to a twisted tower that holds the private rooms of the inhabitants. It was a requirement of the art-lover owners to keep the boundaries clear between public and private. In other words, the gallery was designed in a way so that the public can access it without disturbing the people who live on the other floors.

The 3.500-square feet house stands between two very long party walls on a typical Singaporean lot. The architects managed to bring in plenty of natural light and brighten up the interior spaces. This is achieved through sophisticated aesthetics and uniquely crafted gardens that are nestled in the corners of the building’s exterior. The fusion of private and public is well balanced, in spite of the unusual room layout, maze-like interior, complex series of nested spaces and winding staircases.

Our favorite part of the multi-story house is the art gallery with its clean lines and minimalistic design. This area is quite small, yet seems to spacious thanks to the triple-height ceilings. If you also like this room and thinking about dedicating a special space for your precious art collection then the below images can be of great inspiration. Following the example of the Gallery House, one has to find the best solution for hanging the art pieces. For this purpose, you can consider using a picture rail to ensure your art hangs in the exact position you want it to.

To conclude, we can say that Gallery House in Singapore is a small world where everything is about art. It’s mysterious, thrilling, offers plenty of surprises and avant garde twists.