Studio Arthur Casas composed this flat in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for a few that needed to exploit their sea perspectives furthermore to have a spot to show their craft gathering.
This condo in Barra da Tijuca is intended for a few who looked for Studio Arthur Casas with two particular requests: to benefit the stupendous perspective of the ocean and to consolidation outline to its gathering of works of art. From the earliest starting point, the undertaking was guided by the customers’ trust in our format suggestion that incorporated spaces and encircled the scene. Undoubtedly uncommon in an undertaking, it can be said that what was executed here relates to the beginning representations. From the passage corridor you can see the Atlantic for the sliding glass entryway, with low bits of furniture and joinery to accentuate the progression with the skyline. The light-hued limestone floor and white dividers and roof permit the appear differently in relation to the ocean and the showed works, which incorporate depictions by Adriana Varejao and Beatriz Milhazes. The social corridor, especially, acts as a workmanship exhibition.

Entryways that slide totally to the side permit uniting the front room with the home theater and gourmet food. A nourishment mate, the customer requested an open kitchen by the feasting tables, with basement and cupboards, to get companions. The furniture was procured in numerous object from olden times shops and incorporates a few pieces, particularly from the 1950s, as the Jorge Zalsupin bar and Oscar Niemeyer and Sergio Rodrigues easy chairs, all present in the parlor. Blended with the traditional pieces, contemporary things of the Campana siblings or outlined by Studio Arthur Casas, similar to Archipelago table, make up the easygoing air of the flat that uncovered piece of the national outline pattern of late decades. The expert suite, confronting the sea, is coordinated into the restroom by a glass allotment, permitting the perspective even from the bathtub. Two different suites were intended for visitors and youngsters, with the likelihood of coordinating a den. The system additionally incorporates an office and spa, notwithstanding administration ranges.


an open kitchen next to the dining tables, with cellar and cabinets


study area


the master suite room


Bath area


Large living area.