Attractive Alternatives to Wooden Fencing

Anyone who has a garden has either owned or considered putting up a fence. Sometimes we use them for privacy, and sometimes they’re just for decoration. Whatever your reason for installing one, they can make an attractive addition to your back or front yard. But what if you want something cheaper or you just wish to be different? Even though wooden and metal fences come in different shapes and sizes, they might not be suitable for your vision. If you want an alternative, there are several things you can do to create the privacy and aesthetics that you’re looking for. Try one of these fencing alternatives to make your home more unique.

Vinyl Fencing

The problem with having a wooden fence is that it can require a lot of maintenance. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time working outside, you need to choose something you don’t need to look after. Vinyl fencing is extremely flexible, and you can order it to look like whatever you want. It’s low-maintenance, so you hardly have to touch them to keep them looking fantastic. You can choose one that looks like a wooden fence or a wrought-iron one. But you won’t get the negatives that go with either. The material is durable and flexible, so it will stand up against the elements too.

Hedge or Treeline

A lot of people might not want to waste precious timber on a wooden fence. If you wish to take a more eco-friendly approach, you can create a natural barrier. Using hedges or trees to line your home can look incredible and give you the privacy you need too. You’ll also have an excellent natural insulation against sound. This is great if you live near a busy road. You could choose tall and fast-growing trees, like the Leyland Cypress. If you have a lot of space, a deeper hedgerow can offer more privacy and sound protection. It can also encourage wildlife if you like the idea.

Stone Wall

If a fence sounds boring, and maybe not stable enough, you could think about a wall instead. They’re strong and sturdy, and you can line them with potted plants or even sit on them if they’re small enough. A wall could serve as a decorative line around your backyard or the front of the house. On the other hand, you could build it tall enough to increase your privacy and keep nosy neighbors out. You have a broad choice of different types of stone and styles of wall, so it gives you many possibilities.

Recycling Material

Sometimes you just want something a little unusual. The best way to achieve that can be to use unexpected objects. You can create some incredible fences uses recycled items made of wood and other materials. For example, you could use old wooden doors to make a unique fence that stands out from your neighbors. Use your imagination to come up with something interesting.

You don’t have to choose a boring wooden fence for your home. If you don’t like them or don’t want the hassle of caring for one, use something else instead.