I was eager to go over a gifted Aussie furniture expert by the name of Brett Sambrooks. Every piece is hand tailored from recovered timber and second hand materials to create irregular individual, collectable and imaginative pieces. Brett is situated in Koondrook, a little Victorian town settled on the banks of the Murray River, where he artworks pieces that regularly have a story, similar to the red gum stools beneath produced using one strong bit of timber that spent its previous life in an old technician’s shed where they had been kept for quite a long time and utilized as auto squares.

The crude naturalness of the pieces would loan a magnificent, bona fide vibe to any room. A large number of the pieces are from reused materials and along these lines stand-out. Which outline do you adore most?


An amazing piece of handcraft design to flourish your dome decor.


Elegant and classic designs.


Incredible Piece for cell phone or remote holding.


A perfect match with any of your wall texture.


Creating wonderful vibes at your room.