You know you’ve made an impact on the world when the name of one of your creations finds its way into everyday language. Few people have shaped movies and given birth to as many clichés as Walt Disney has. One of the foremost of his creations was Bambi. The epitome of cute and cuddly, no one can resist when a child gives them Bambi eyes.

Takeshi Sawada has created a chair and named it Bambi Chair. It’s easy to see why since there has probably never been made a chair that quite so epitomizes cute. Bambi Chair was made for Kamina&C, a company that specializes in making unique pieces out of wood. Unique is the operative word here, as there is not a drop of Japanese minimalizm in sight. What there is much of us quirky design with unexpected details. Bambi chair fits nicely into the collection. It’s been made of oak with a flecked fur seat. This diminutive chair is a mere 400mm in height, but its packs a lot in for its size. The feet have been stained a darker color making them look like little hooves while the backrest looks like antlers sticking out above the soft upholstery.

While Bambi Chair is not to everyone’s taste, one can’t deny that it is a successful design, incorporating all essence of a fawn into a well thought out chair. So if your life needs a little more cute in it, pop over to their website and have a look.