The design of educational institutions for young children is often very big on pastels and Disney characters and not so much on design. Battle i Roig Architectes have created a nursery that embraces the bright colors that appeal to children, in a space that is both beautiful and functional.

Located in Barcelona, Nursery in the Jardines De Malaga consists of two volumes, offset from each other to create porches and balconies on both levels. The second floor cantilevers dramatically over the first to create the protected entrance. The outside of the building is finished in raw concrete giving texture to the geometric simplicity of the structure. One of the few details the architects allowed to be visible from the outside is the perforated metal screen. The corrugated screen is divided into 3rds, with each section being perforated with different sized holes to create an interesting dappled effect. It is once you enter the building that the imposing elements give way to a space more human in scale and texture that feels like a little creative factory. Inside, a vibrant spectrum of colors shoots across the floor and halfway up walls informing the lively function of the space. The materials also become more approachable with the use of wood and rubber. Classrooms lead off a wide corridor that is brightly lit from the porches and balconies running along the entire southern façade.

While from the outside this structure seems to be an impenetrable fortress, the inside opens up with bright colors and light to create a space that is not only protective of its inhabitants, but also encouraging of their growth and development.