French interior design is renowned the world over for its elegance, sophistication as well as its luxurious features. For many the decadence and beauty are foremost in our minds when the words French and Furniture are put together.


Recent years have seen the popularity of French interior design increase significantly as designers and homeowners alike plan to overhaul tired and uninspiring rooms with the rich and bold colours associated with French Furniture.


So what is French Interior Design? Well for those who don’t know French Furniture originates from the Louis XV period reign in the country between 1715 and 1774. During this period there was a shift in popular style and culture which, in turn, transformed large, grand and cold feeling rooms associated with royalty into small, comfortable and intimate interiors. As the popularity of French Furniture increases there has never been a better opportunity to delve into the market and make a purchase that will add extra elegance and warmth to your home.

As France and Paris are iconic and often associated with romance it only seems fitting that a good place to start interior improvements is the bedroom. With the implementation of French Furniture a dull, overcrowded bedroom can easily be transformed into a classical room that exuberates passion.


Despite popular preconceptions attaining such a style shouldn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money as there are now plenty of fantastic high quality retailers such as The Cheshire Furniture Market offering a diverse range of French Furniture at competitive prices.
To get the most out of the infusion of French style is important to pick a bed as a focal point. The bed is the most important feature in any bedroom therefore careful consideration and thought must be taken throughout the selection process.

Regardless to whether you are attracted to the elaborate French gold leaf designs or the rustic styles of chateau there is something for every taste and style.

About the author: Chris writes on behalf which is a specialist award winning furniture supplier based in Cheshire.