A stronger association was manufactured between the insides and the outside yards through a genuine of hid sliding entryways, which expanded light, natural air and angle. The back patio is ?connected to the kitchen and was intended for open air feasting while an inside yard gives a green background and augmented the inclination of space in the parlor. In the expressions of the architects, “Landing at the house, it is hard to increase more than a look of the first floor expansion through the encompassing urban streetscape. The upper volume is intentionally situated back from the luxurious Victorian chimney stack, while the completely coated veneer gives an intelligent scenery and complexities the period rooftop enumerating nearby. This configuration system permitted the first floor spaces to be presented to fluctuating levels of cooperation with the scene, both prompt from the tree highest points of the birches from the yards underneath, to the far reaching cityscape sees past, whilst keeping up a level of visual protection from the neighboring apartments.

This home in the internal Melbourne suburb of Prahan started life as a solitary level Victorian house. Initially compartmentalized with loads of rooms, the new outline by Studio Four included a key replanning of the ground floor, the expansion of another first floor, alongside the adaptability to adjust every space to suit the steadily changing progress of family life.


A reflecting space for relaxing.


Study Area.


A wonderfully serene palette of white with pale timber


Elegant Style bedroom.


Kitchen Interior


A beautiful collection of art, books and objects.