Although this chic restaurant opened its doors about 10 years ago it still remains a trendsetter not just in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon but in other parts of the world also. There is a big buzz around the place thanks to famous owners John Malkovich and Catherine Denevue. Politicians, artists, musicians and even Hollywood stars love to hang out here. Of course there are plenty of other factors why the rich wannabes are attracted to the restaurant: good food, cool interior with minimalist decor and stunning views on the river Tagus.

Bica do Sapato (means High Heel in English) is located in the riverside warehouse district of Lisbon. The place itself was a warehouse also before the conversion took place. Today the restaurant has three separate dining rooms, each with their own special design and atmosphere. The Cafeteria is bright, open, airy and casual with huge windows overlooking the river. The Restaurant has more intimate table setup and comes with a more formal ambiance. It is very similar to the cafeteria, floor-to-ceiling windows provide amazing river views. Lastly, people can find a stylish Sushi Bar upstairs also with a lively atmosphere.