The traditional birdhouse is so unoriginal and played out that it was about time for a designer to create something completely new with modern inspirations. CPopp Workshop has gone and created their egg-shaped Birdhouse. This unique take on an old idea sits peacefully on top of a three-legged stand that borrows the idea from their Soft Side Table. Designer Curtis Popp preferred to go with a handmade design that indicates craftsmanship, something that is not often seen these days when it comes to furniture and, of course, birdhouses. The Birdhouse is milled by hand from solid hand-oiled walnut for their indoor use model or for their outdoor use a marine-varnished teak is used. The legs are a mix of steel and wood. They come in a standard raw burnished finish as soon in the photos, or a number of power-coated colors. This piece is intended for use as an actual birdhouse, a work of art or perhaps both depending on the placement. No insight has been given on how comfortable this thing is for actual birds, but one would assume they would build a nest inside to their liking anyway.