Rustic designs have been becoming more and more popular in the modern home lately. They offer an element of the outdoors into an often modern in minimalistic indoor area that provides a great contrast. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the latest rustic piece that we have found, this is the new Bitta Stool.

This stool is made out of solid wood and is available in either Briccola or Cedar and features a metal base. The asymmetrical design of the stool makes it look very interesting and is complemented by many natural knots, cracks and hollows that make it feel like it has a very worn in look. Another interesting feature of the stool is just like other things in nature no two pieces will be exactly alike. The company that designed the stool, Riva is known for their pieces that bring out natural beauty from collections of used, recycled and reclaimed materials and they are always able to turn them into something stunning and it fits in very well into the modern home.