The natural beauty of the distant and isolated Azores islands inspires everyone. Portuguese studio SAMI arquitectos created something extraordinary and designed a contemporary home named as C:Z House.

Pico island is the location of this black timber house. The building is truly a perfect match with the island’s scenery and nature. The island itself (Ilha Preta in Portuguese) is known as the “Black Island” for its dark volcanic earth. C:Z House sits just on one of the hillsides of this dark island and one can hardly notice it.

The modern timber home is composed of four rectangular spaces which can be opened together through a central living room and number of glass panes. One of the rectangular blocks is used as a garage, two as bedrooms and bathrooms, whereas the fourth one accommodates the dining room with the kitchen.

Connection with the nature and landscape is constant and permanent as the house can open its windows and doors to all possible directions. The high energy efficiency is another great thing about this home that was achieved by a special pre-fabrication method. You can imagine how important this is in a land which is ruled by strong and eternal winds.

The C:Z House talks about untouched rural living and the love of nature. We are sure that this place will boost your imagination too.